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Data marked as private or available only to certain members on this social network shall be available only to the authorised members, hovewer we cannot take responsibility for mistakes made by you or any other member which makes that data public. If you wish to keep certain data private and available to only a certain group of members make sepparate arrangements and deals with them to maintain your privacy.

We care deeply about your privacy and this is why we encourage you to publish files and materials that you wish to publish on this site but also to use encryption software like GnuPG or PGP when using email because all that data is still on someone elses server. Also all your hosted files have a public url which means that if you wish to offer them to only certain members you should encrypt them as well or protect them with a password by using specialized software.

We deliberately haven't created an API to other sites in order to prevent your data from being linked by this social network to places where you login as well. Instead we recommend open source password management software in order to increase your security online.