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This agreement is provided in english language. If there are any other translations of this agreement which contain conflicting terms this agreement takes precedence.

1. Data

1.1 All data published on Almark social network and hosting space shall be considered as published under the Creative Commons license: except for the personal data of the registered members which includes their email and password

1.2 Almark shall not be considered responsible for any data which has been published by a member of Almark social network in accordance with the term 1.1

1.3 Every member shall be responsible for any data published under their account either in the social network or hosting space

1.4 Only data which belongs to the member or for which the member has permission from it's author shall be published on Almark social network and hosting space

1.5 In case of removing data from the Almark social network or hosting space, the member gives their permission for the data to still be available in backup copies

 1.6 Member gives the permission to the Almark social network to publicly use all data collected as feedback from the members in any way

2. Third party service

2.1 Any third party service which uses Almark social network or hosting space as a platform shall have it's own terms of service set up privately with the members of the Almark social network.

2.2 Any member which uses the Almark social network for access to the third party application shall have separate terms of service set up with the third party.

3. Security

3.1 Members shall not collect data about other members without their permission

3.2 Members shall not use automated tools like bots to access the Almark social network without permission

3.3 Members shall not use fraudulent information to market products on Almark social network

3.4 Members shall not market products or activities on Almark social network which are illegall in their country

3.5 Members shall not distribute or share viruses or other forms of melevolent code on the Almark social network or it's hosting space

3.6 Members shall not attempt to gain access to the account or it's data if it doesn't belong to them

3.7 Members shall not harrass other members using the tools of Almark social network or it's hosting space or threaten with physical violence to other members

3.8 Members shall not publish content or run a service unsuitable for children without age restriction mechanisms

3.9 Content unsuitable for children shall be defined as content containing violence, hate speech and sexual content while services unsuitable for children include the ones that contain the formerly defined content and provide legal drugs, dating services and adult marketing

3.10 Age restriction mechanisms are defined as software which blocks specific content to specific members based on their age

3.11 Members shall not use the tools of Almark social network or it's hosting space in order to organize for the purposes of illegal, malevolent or discriminatory actions against other individuals

3.12 Members shall not perform any activities which can overload, disable or in any way interfere with the proper functioning of the Almark social network service

3.13 Members shall be 13 years old or older

4. Registration and account safety

4.1 Members shall not make any accounts in addition to their own

4.2 No member shall have more than one personal account

4.3 Members who have their accounts suspended shall not make other accounts without the permission of Almark social network

4.4 Members shall not use personal accounts for organizations or commercial gain. Groups are available for such purpose

4.5 Members shall not share the password of their personal account with anyone nor transfer their personal account to another person

4.6 Members shall not use names which have been protected as trademarks

4.7 Members hereby allow their accounts to be suspended or deleted by Administrators of Almark social network in case of breach of this agreement

5. Rights protection

5.1 Members shall not publish content which has been obtained by limiting or breaching the rights of other members

5.2 Rights shall be defined as right of life, right of liberty and right of property

5.3 In case of content removal do to accusations of breach of copyrights members whose content has been removed can contact administrators of Almark social network to resolve the issue

5.4 Members which collect data on other members according to the term 3.2 shall point out to those members that data is being collected by them and not Almark social network service

5.5 Members shall not publish documents using which the identity of persons whose data is on that document can be discovered

6. Actions outside the Almark social network

6.1 Members hereby accept that Almark social network is not to be considered responsible for any action or payments done using third party tools or services

7. Internet networking

7.1 Members shall be solely responsible for sharing links on Almark social network without the permission of the owners

7.2 Services which use Almark social network as a platform shall be considered solely responsible for all the services provided by them

8. Changing terms of service

8.1 In case we change the terms of service we shall offer a 7 day notice in the form of a blog post in the Almark Hall group with mayor user as the author

8.2 Members that continue using the service after the changes have been implemented are considered to implicitly accept the new agreement

9. End of agreement and service

9.1 Members shall have the right to remove all content they post with exclusion of collaborative works like pages controlled by their own creators

10. Disputes

10.1 All disputes between Almark social network and any member are to be settled on an arbitration cort agreed to by both parties or by RexLegis private arbitration company in Croatia

10.2 In case of a dispute between members of Almark social network Almark social network shall not be held responsible for any damage by any of the parties

10.3 Almark social network is provided as is, without any guaranty or waranty and will not be held responsible for any action made by it's member or for hardware or software failure as well as mistakes which can disable the service

10.4 Almark social network service owners reserve the right to terminate the service of the social network and hosting if not specified otherwise in any additional contract